Freeview HD  

Freeview HD provides crystal clear digital quality pictures and sound with the added bonus of some of your favourite programmes broadcast in High Definition.


Requirements for Freeview HD

    1.  A UHF Aerial

    2.  A High Definition digital terestrial Receiver (top box)

    3.  A High Definition capable television

    4.  A Digital Amplifier (highly recommended)


Depending on your existing coax cabling, you may have to upgrade to the correct cable which is RG6 Coax Cable.  This is designed to cope with the higher frequencies. If other coax cables are used the signal could possibly be too weak.


The Freeview HD Signal can be received in most main areas of Auckland and Television 33 is only available in the Auckland region.  TV Central is only in the Waikato area.

You can choose to supply or we can supply and install for you, our systems are Freeview compliant with warranties.  We can test your current aerial system with our professional test equipment.

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This service offers 22 channels and three radio channels (as from May 2014).

Just Launched Summet Sports Channel 14



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