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The government has now announced on the 16 September 2011 that New Zealand will start the switch over to Digital TV by September 2012 - this means you will need a UHF Aerial to receive a Television Signal.

Are you ready to go Digital?

Its the future .....

What is Freeview?

You probably have heard of High Definition Television or HDTV or Freeview TV, but still don't know what exactly it is or why all the buzz about it?


Freeview is the television and radio platform that is backed by a number of broadcasters which includes TVNZ, TV Works (they own TV3 & C4), Maori Television and Radio New Zealand. They are the ones who decide what channels and programmes they will transmit for free via Satellite and Digital terrestrial. On the Digital Terrestrial platform this also includes some high definition (HD) channels.
Freeview HD is broadcasted on a digital terrestrial platform (land based transmitter). Freeview HD, simply put stands for high definition, in television terms this means a sharper, clearer picture, in fact up to 5 times more detail than what you would get in standard definition.
People who already have Freeview HD often say how good it is to be able to see individual blades of grass whilst watching rugby. When HD was first released in America, actors didn't like it because it shows imperfections and blemishes on their skin that would normally go unnoticed on standard definitions.


The Freeview Satellite platform is broadcasted via Satellite and gives kiwis a crystal clear reception, which includes people living in rural areas (no monthly fees).


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