RG6 Coax Cable








We only use high Quality RG6 Coax cable which is highly recommended for distributing the signal, RG-6 is the most suitable cable for installation of HD UHF Aerials, (older cables such as RG59 are not equipped to deliver the High Definition Signal).


 Kingray Splitter Amplifier








Used for splitting and amplifing an already clean signal that you have and to slightly boost the signal to other tvs.  (If you require a signal to other tvs then you loose signal strength so this helps).

 Kingray UHF Amplifer






Kingray's Masthead is designed to amplify the UHF digital aerial and amplify the signal. (If your signal is low this will amplify your signal to your tv).
We highly recommend the use of the Kingray Mast head Amplifier as it helps with producing a clean digital signal for Freeview TV.



 Kingray Power Supply








Kingray Power Supplies are renound for their quality and reliability throughout the industry. Inferior power supplies can damage your electronics. (this comes with the Amplifier and sits behind your tv and must be pluged in at all times).  


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