Albany City Aerials highly recommend a qualified installer to get your Freeview HD Experience. 

In regards to purchasing a Freeview Top Box, make sure that it is Freeview approved and from a Freeview approved Retailer ie Harvey Norman, 100% Electric Albany, Dick Smith, Bond and Bond, Noel Lemming and JB Hi Fi.  (Top Boxes that are not Freeview approved may cause problems in the future).

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 Freeview HD UHF Aerial







43 or 91 Element, High Gain UHF Aerial designed for Freeview HD, works with all UHF Digital Signals. (91 Element is recommended for areas with a low signal).

 Freeview Satellite Dish  






65cm Satellite Dish, high quality and powder coated, comes with LNB (this is essential to receive the signal from the dish, and then transfers the signal into the coax cable and ends up at your receiver).
Also includes Satellite Mount.


High Definition Phased Array Aerial

This is used in instances of very low signals, and is highly tuned for the New Zealand Freeview Digital frequencey. Compact design. 

Freeview HD Terrestial Receiver

Draco Digital Terrestrial Receiver especially designed for Freeview.

It is a true Digital receiver that is uncompromising in its ability to deliver High definition into the home. Freeview HD will provide crystal clear digital picture and sound on all channels with the added bonus of some of your favourite programmes broadcast in High Definition!

Freeview Approved.

Freeview Satellite Receiver

Dish TV S7070

Can't get crystal clear television reception in your area?  This Free -to-air Digital Satellite receiver gives you the clarity of images you're after!

Freeview Approved.


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