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Albany City Aerials - For All your Freeview Requirements

 X-Ray Remote - Teach your Remote to see through Walls!

The Remote control unit that operates your TV, Sky box, Freeview Box, DVD and so on, does so by sending infra red waves. The problem is that infra red waves require "line of sight" to function - that is, you have to point your remote at your appliance.

The "X-Ray" Remote RF Receiver converts the infra red waves from your remote to radio waves which can travel through walls or floors up to 100ft away from your Freeview Box.

How it Works

The Battery transmitter goes into one of the battery slots in your remote control. The RF Receiver unit is placed near your Freeview box or any appliance you want to control.


Your X-Ray remote converts IR to RF (Infra Red Waves and Radio Frequency), so the frequency can travel throught walls.

You will now be able to control all funtions that your remote control can do (without pointing to your appliance).

Use your remote from anywhere in your premise ... "line of Sight" no longer matters!

Built in battery charger

One single-eye emitter for each appliance

Multiple appliances can be controlled (conditions apply)

Tested to the New Zealand and Australian Standard

One year Warranty 
Our Price $229.00 (includes gst)