Freeview Satellite

Freeview Satellite gives kiwis a crystal clear reception, which includes people living in rural areas, (thats right no monthly fees) and if you have a sky dish already all you need is a digital satellite receiver.  (Depending on the age of your dish, it may require upgrading).


Requirements for Freeview Satellite


1.  A Satellite Dish

2.  A Digital Satellite Receiver (top box)

3.  A Television Set (with av inputs)


Some dishes may not be compatible.

The Freeview Satellite Signal can be received all over New Zealand.

You can choose to supply or we can supply and install for you, our systems are Freeview compliant with warranties.  We can test your current system with our professional test equipment.


Not sure what is best for you call us for your FREE no obligation advice.

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This service offers 15 channels and four radio channels

(as from May 2014)

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